Alternative Apparel ● NY Print Crew Neck Sweatshirt

While good ole Born Springsteen “Born in the USA” may sound a little dated these days, the American flag never loses its graphic appeal. There is a sort of aura around stars and stripes that evokes freedom and opportunities that makes this graphic motif something that overcomes the challenge of time.

Alternative Apparel is a world renown brand based in the USA, California to be exact. Its main field of action is blank apparel (without logos showing, just in case you were wondering) of the finest quality. This allow you to act in two different ways when it comes to such production. The first is to create your own brand and use its items like they were canvases and you were a painter, turning your vision into reality. The second is to blend Alternative items into your outfits just as they are, when you already have a branding or two showing and they are more than enough.

Then in rare cases Alternative enjoys the pleasure to create on its own items, exploiting to the fullest their potential. We saw this before, whern we gave a look to Soho Embroidered crewneck and now history repeats with NY Print Crew Neck Sweatshirt. Its craftsmanship is quite original; it looks like someone cut off the stars from the above mentioned flag and posted it on the crewneck with a thick embroidery.

Don’t consider me a patriot or an American wannabe: I just like the visual impact of this color palette. If I look at it I see an American hero like Evel Knievel flying through the air with his bike and surely not Donald Trump.

This terry cloth crewneck is ideal when you want to create a multi layered outfit where you put together a relaxed jacket, a denim jacket beneath and this crewneck. Or you could go the lumberjack way, wearing a flannel shirt instead of the denim jacket.

For further advice feel free to get in touch with Italian distributor Interjeans, a place where style is an exact science.

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