Alternative Apparel ● Rocky Eco-Fleece Zip hoodie

Before we get serious about this Alternative Apparel item may I crack a smile for a second? We saw another item by this brand last month similar to this but it was part of the women section. Well, that was called Adrian while this is called Rocky. Do you get it? Rocky and Adrian here become synonymous of male and female when it comes to an eco-fleece zipper hoodie.

The thing is that I love to make women dress in a vibe like they stole the fleece they are wearing from their boyfriend. Therefor once again Sally B is wearing a men item. There are not many differences for what concerns materials but only the fit.

Rocky Eco-Fleece Zip hoodie is a fleece that on Alternative website models wear quite tight and not loose like you see it here but again, you wear what you like in the way you like it, right?

The points of this strength of this pullover are several: its eco sustainable production is the first but then there is also the softness of the fabric, partly made with the recycling of PET bottles and partly with organic fibers. Because of all this together with a proper quality / price rate, Rocky and Adrian were two of the main requested blanks by your favorite streetwear brands to print or to embroider with their own graphics.

In our case these hoodies are the much needed items to include in an overcharged outfit, for example. You wear a super nice cap, so you want to keep the attention there and not distract the people you meet with any graphics. This is the right hoodie to do so, let alone the fact that all its heather colorways are special and cozy.

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