Alternative Apparel ● Rocky Eco Fleece

I was Facetiming the other day with a friend that lives in Los Angeles and among other things we started to talk about Alternative Apparel most essential item: Rocky Eco Fleece.

Living in the heart of California, the worldwide mecca for streetwear, makes you sharpen your outfits because the competition once you walk out the door is very strong. People look at you, trying to decipher what you want to communicate with your style. It’s easy to be stopped by somebody you don’t know asking you “Where did you get this? It’s so cool…”.

Considering this, my friend told me that his go-to hoodie to wear with any t-shirt he wants is Rocky Eco Fleece. It is so essential that it makes the tee pop out the most, let alone it is soft like no other, were his words.

This is just the tip of the iceberg: this cool and soft hoodie with its trademark white zipper and cord is mindful of its impact. Alternative is making a point with its sustainable craftsmanship by touching each and every point that needs an effective intervention. This means only eco and organic fabrics get used, sometimes it’s rather a matter of recycled PET that becomes polyester, like in our case. Beside this, Alternative responsibility even includes fair labor and eco-friendly packaging.

Back to our hoodie, it is available in 16 colorways. This means, very simply that this item is about to become also your go-to hoodie. Such a basic item in all these colorways opens up a whole world of possibilities. Not only this item is versatile enough to become a lightweight jacket during the good season, but it is ready to worn from a very large section of population. Think about it and tell me if from the clean looking guy to the most up to date hypebeast this isn’t an item ready to be exploited to the fullest?!

What is your choice among all the available colorways? Time to reach the nearest shop on Interjeans roster and cop a few (yes, with such quality/price rate, copping one only is a no no…)

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