Alternative Apparel ● Soho Embroidered Sweatshirt

I am here today to give you the dark side of Alternative Apparel. Not dark in the trap sense but rather as the side of the moon that you don’t see.

I posted a few Alternative items during these last months just to give you the picture of the mission of this brand: to produce items without branding that could either work well on their own or be premium quality blanks for brands that want to screenprint them. Beside fit and quality of the thread this brand is also focused on its eco sustainability and keeps its factories in check. So it is actually possible to find cheaper blanks if you want them but think about children labour and pollution before you buy…

This time we are looking at a different Alternative item. This Soho Embroidered Sweatshirt is embroidered and printed just like any other fleece crewneck of a streetwear collection. Think of a friend that is really good at playing bass that one day is like: “Hey, wanna check this piano line I wrote the other day?”. Not only Apparel can beat the rhythm but it can also write the melody.

Check these shots of Michela P and my words become evident. The front panel has a large Soho on the front and even if it looks like it has felt letters stitched on it, it actually only has the outline embroidered. Look right below and you find red embroideries of Alternative logo on one side and NYC on the other side.

At bottom left we find a woven label that looks very similar to the one that we saw on Hudson Bomber Jacket last season.


Flip it and on the back panel you find the actual location of Alternative Apparel flagship store in Soho, the Manhattan neighborhood where you can find the most relevant stores that give you the measure of how cool New York is. If you want to upgrade your coolness with Alternative I can’t do nothing but back up your idea. You can find this brand by Interjeans at any BeStandard store but feel free to cop it on BeStandard website if online shopping is your thing…

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Photos courtesy of Ema / Nema

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