“Although I often reminsce I can’t believe that I found/a desire for true love floating around” (LL Cool J)

Don’t call it True Love False Idols, call it TLFI instead. What? Do you still call DKNY, Donna Karan New York? You got to know this brand more and more every time and now you got access to one of the key facts that makes it true like the love is. Ok, Reggie the Koala is their mascot, I thought you knew. This cute animal from Australia actually exists and no he doesn’t wear a 2 Tone cap and no he has no uzi in his hand but yes! he lives in TLFI warehouse. I got Luca I and Jim S, my connections over at TLFI, ready to swear about it. You can see it as you want, you can tell me that your homies have a little lion rather than a snake at their apartment but a koala is something never heard of. So what we got here is a little taste of the City of Angels. Home Run Reggie tee has some “in your face” design that mixes the overload print with the smooth tones of its colours. Blue is the new black it seems and this is further proof. This 100% cotton ringspun tee represents an unusual mixture that does nothing but excite The Maxiemillion vision over funny yet stylish gear. The koala gives you a tender vibe? How about the bats on the back? There is nothing tender about self defense. Yes, you thought that this was about being violent? No, this is about thought inducing material. Don’t you know where “Search and Destroy” comes from? It’s tattoed on the back of your favourite punk rocker turned Hollywood actor, Henry Rollins. That’s basically what TLFI is about: to search false idols and destroy them with the sole force of your true love. No violence then, it’s all a matter of “read between the lines”. Welcome TLFI, you know that this blog awaits open arms for concepts like this. I also await open arms for killer beats like those that new school wizard Scoop De Ville drops every time. Scoop is the n.1 testimonial for this brand and this gifted producer recently put the finishing touches on a beat for a posse cut that will make you rewind and listen to it over and over. Yound De and Xzibit, beside Scoop Deville himself, are up in this piece so don’t search any further: these 3 mcs are “Ready to go” to destroy the beat.

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