American Socks ● Back In Black + Rednoise mid high

You should know by now that Luca Izzo is a sort of “ghost assistant editor” of this blog: he lives a successful life in Los Angeles, knee deep in this streetwear world we all love. He is international manager for a few streetwear brands and his contact in UK is Steve Ward. Me and him got briefly introduced one year ago at Bright Tradeshow but I could not remember his face. Next thing you know I was checking out his booth at last edition of the same show and he said “Hi Max”.

From there I recollect who he is in a matter of seconds and we start to talk. Steve is running independently UK distribution for American Socks, this socks brand made in Barcelona.

Juri C and Elisa P are modeling these Back In Black and Rednoise mid high socks that are perfect for an OG style with no frills. Nothing but the essence for these socks designed for skateboarding. This means that you have a padded bottom to increase the cushioning of your skateboard shoes but… no actual branding showing. Function is there but for what concerns fashion, only connoisseurs will know which socks you are wearing.

Beside the radical black one that Juri is wearing, the mixed yarn of the Rednoise style is suitable for girls like Elisa that want to look on point with every detail.

No need for you to go to Bright tradeshow by the way: go browse American Socks website and you will be amazed by how many cool socks from this brand are available for every street need. For UK sales/inquiries while for Euro sponsorship/inquiries
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo.

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