“…and if it’s Friday, you better double your lap/I hit you on the floor sayin, “My neck and my back!””(Redman)

Individuality. Be yourself, don’t be a copycat. Well, I must be a dreamer and this is nothing but further proof. Who isn’t copying what the next man does?! Isn’t everybody and their cousin capitalizing on the American flag? Don’t you keep on seeing everywhere pictures of casual garments with stars and stripes somewhere? Didn’t Jeremy Scott come out with a new colourway for his winged Adidas with Uncle Sam in mind? A large number of companies is relying on the red white and blue flag to be up to the latest trends and the thing seem to be working. Masterdis added his own twist. The accessories company that you learned to know in these months on this blog, has had a simple yet brilliant idea. Why not to produce a scarf with a plaid pattern based on those colours?! Multi Plaid Bandanna Scarf is the name of this unisex item that will add to your outfit a touch of colour. Make sure to wear it over a grey or a blue jacket. I would avoid black if I was you. Next scarf is for black loving people. Grey is one of my favourite colors even if this is called Olive by Masterdis, by the way, but let me insist: I think these are all shades of grey. What’s cool and most of all really enjoyable of this Dobby Loop Scarf is that it’s not your usual wrapped around your neck item. this one is a loop. Not to be confused with Duane Peters loop, this one is way less hardcore and instead of hurting your body, it acts as a protection against cold weather and it’s perfect with dark outfits. Black? Camo? Olive green? Grey? I gave you here the most common palette of winter jackets and coats and as you can see it’s a win win situation here. Not feeling this color? There are 6 color variations for you to pick. Plus i gotta tell you the truth: I tested this Dobby Loop thing and it’s fantastic. I tested it for more than a month already and it’s such an improvement compared to average scarf that it’s a no brainer. It doesn’t has too long or too short ends: it’s just there. Wear it loose like Lizzie does in the above pics, wear it tight if you need real protection and do a third ring with the loop instead of two and you’re set. These viscose scarfs are what you need to add flair to your outfits and to protect your neck like Wu Tang was in your area. Just don’t chop off with a Shaolin sword Boma Agency heads or else there won’t be anyone supplying Masterdis items to Italian shops.

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