“…and I’ll kick your can from here to Japan/with force you can’t withstand cuz I’m the muthafu**in’ man” (Guru)

Selvedge denim from Japan? Right on. From Edwin? Yess, my friend. You like to hear my stories sometimes, don’t you? This one is all about friendship and connections so we’re up to a good start. Enter Maria F, a young female from Italy residing in the UK with a passion for everything skate related. I told you about her when I posted here Copson Street x Eastpak studded backpacks. I got in contact with her a long time ago and we have been friends ever since. Time passes and Maria joins Sane Communication. A much respected communication agency where she lives (London that is), among her emblasoned urban brands, Sane can count Edwin. For those that don’t know, Edwin is denim anagram with an upside down m. Pure poetry, I know. This, together with the fact that this denim is top quality, kinda puts this brand among my top five in this field. I hardly can come out with my “favoute skater” or with my “favourite mc”, I prefer the “top five” solution best. Anyway me and Maria get along pretty good, she loves this blog that you’re reading now and she once defined my writing “my word magic”. How embarassing. I wasn’t embarassed at all to ask her if, through her agency, she could get me a pair of Edwins at a special price. Her answer has been: “No, uncle: I will get you a pair for free…”. That seriously made my day. I remember that it was around January, then things got a bit hectic, then I had other stuff to post before, then I had an hard time finding a model/photographer situation suitable for me, then eventually I made it. Here is your denim in full display. Peep those perfect selvedge details on the pocket and on the cuff. The only problem here is that what you see above is a prototype or something like that. No label inside or outside could tell me anything more about this undisputed champ of all denims ever posted here. On Edwin website all the denim pants have a copper button and this is black. It kinda looks like a new version of an ED88 to me but I can’t confirm this officially. It looks great by the way and this delicate choice of dark stitchings and lightweight yet stiff but stretch “Genes fabric” got me in total amazement. Thanks Maria, thanks Sane Communication and last but not least thanks Edwin: you turned this villain into a lord!

Si dice in giro che i giapponesi diano al tessuto denim una cura speciale, una attenzione maniacale. Io vi dico quello che sento in giro, sono un esperto di grafiche di t-shirts, se proprio. O di caps. Il denim non è il mio forte. So che il denim cimosato è più prezioso di un’altro in linea di massima. E’ vero però che, con la stessa innocenza di un bambino, guardo una cosa e se mi piace sorrido. Ho sorriso a lungo quando il postino mi ha consegnato questi Edwin, direttamente dalla loro agenzia di comunicazione inglese, Sane Communications. Grazie a Maria F, il mio contatto lì, sono ormai uno che potresti scambiare per un intenditore di denim, ma non farmi troppe domande o mi scopri al volo…

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