“…and shine shine shine like gold mine/here comes the drunk monk, with a quart of Ballantines” (GZA)

When somebody tells you that you’re brilliant, he doesn’t actually think you’re wearing gold embroidery like this on your denim. This doesn’t mean that if you wear this denim you’re not brilliant. You are. Twice! First because you’re supporting one of the premier hip hop brands in Europe and second because this embroidery on your denim make you stand out in a crowd. Of course it’s full of people wearing [censored] and also [censored] denims at your local spot/club/bar, so it’s time for you to make a statement: I’m not like you and I like to floss. Flossing in gold is like washing your hands with soap: so logical. We did see another fine item from this same brand that was giving us good party vibes. Remember that Soone hoodie? This is another denim from the Soone camp, brought to The Maxiemillion by our homies at Double H. This time it’s the kind I like the most: no washing, raw denim. If you have a ghetto sofa, there is no way you get worried about leaving blue traces on it. Same for a black leather sofa but never sit on a white sofa with these. We’ve warned you. Ok, now that all warnings are gone it’s time to inspect deeply this item. Interior all over print and a fine finishing on pockets, interchangeable buttons (see the allen key? It’s for that…) and this solid gold embroidery that ain’t goin nowhere but on your most herogenous areas. If you could link an area to a denim, this is most definately Atlanta material. The surf influence and the cholo attitude won’t let this denim be suitable for Cali cruising. Same for NYC, where the market is taken by storm by mainstream hip hop brands. This is perfect for a starring role in a Nelly video. Lil Jon and his Guinness book bling are good to go on stage with this. “Ain’t no half steppin'” like you’re Big Daddy Kane when rocking this. Not your everyday denim. Unless you party all day every day, exactely like The Maxiemillion blog does…

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  1. slickricksta 12 December 2009

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