“And the survey said — ya dead/fatal flying guillotine chops off your fu**in head” (RZA)

Do you still have your coffee table? Aren’t you tired of flicking the pages of your old Hustler magazines? Isn’t this the right time for something new and heavy on the illustration side? We did see the tee shirt from Tomer Hanuka with that battle axe last time we talked about him in June. I don’t lie, so I told you that a book called Overkill was in the works and here it is. It’s only a little bit late, the release date slipped from September as I told you, to October. The only thing the matters is the goal, the timing is relative. Here the goal is relevant. Get familiar with the latest hero from Upper Playground dynasty. The intensity of the above pages, straight out of the vivid imagery and the talented hand of Tomer Hanuka will leave a mark on your subconscious. This is just a little sample of what you will see flipping through the 104 pages of Overkill. This book will get you out of your comfort zone, in no man’s lands that are out of this world, where colours blend in neon harmonies unknown before. Get in your survivor mode as flying objects destroy Hollywood and his star system. Forget your life, enter a new one. This monography of a dark future intensely colourful is amazing. In case you want to celebrate this release to the fullest, feel free to rep it with the same exact cover design that is printed on a Pie-Axe tee shirt. Don’t worry: it was out in June but it has been re relased for your pleasure and of course it’s already available now as you’re reading this. Upper Playground takes care of your mind, your body and your soul. It’s like a mum or a wife (depending on your age) with the only difference that here you just have the pleasant side and not all the tedious things that these above mentioned characters are
notorious for. Mr Hanuka on the contrary is internationally known for gold medals such as Society of Illustrators and the Society of Publication designers. I know, things like this make you want to go out and look for this book, before a laser ray makes this essential illustration catch fire before you give it a proper inspection. To go back to your old Hustler magazines won’t be that easy then.

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