“…And these record companies shake em down like mobsters/but impostors, like commercial locks are not rastas” (Jeru The Damaja)

It doesn’t matter if you are not a rasta that is blowing in the wind his fat weed cone, at The Maxiemillion there are no restrictions. I’m not a rasta wannabe and I don’t like reggae in general to say it all. It’s not that I feel like disrespecting this kind of music or that I don’t know how much reggae did as far as the social extent of the movement itself, but I simply tell you how it is: beside Bob Marley albums, no other reggae tune appeals to me. Yet I think that the joyful vibe of the rasta flag is responsible for a positive vibration that is much needed in this historical moment. Beside the invention of K-Way in 1965, in my eyes the first appearance of a windbreaker in the streetwear scene is when Slap Magazine around 1992 came out with their blue coach jacket to skate in the windy weather of Pier 7 in San Francisco. From then on, everything went downhill for this item: being the denim jacket dead at the time, you slowly had every street brand and their cousins dropping windbreakers. Extra light, thick, reversible, light but lined with flannel or polyester every variation on this basic item was legit and I guarantee that I have seen this windbreaker craze litterally blow up under my eyes, starting a couple of years ago. This is TB 247 from Urban Classics and it’s a loud one. Wear it to go to work, if your occupation is in a record store or in a creative environment like a graphic design studio (and you design flyers and websites and not furniture and interiors). Wear it to go to a concert and you would get the appreciation of all those sensible to street fashion forward individuals that like to be seen in the crowd, like you are. Give a little bit of attention to the way to make the bottom fit your waist with an elastic cord. And again, here the pockets have those zippers, helpful not to lose your keys or your wallet when you go to a concert and indulge yourself in rasta activities. Fortunately Boma Agency people are always thinking about the safety of its clientele and doesn’t want us to go home and ring the doorbell late at night because we lost our keys at a concert while we were feeling the vibration of the music. Zipped pockets for life. Hasta Urban Classics siempre.

Anche se non sei un rasta non preoccuparti: nemmeno io lo sono. Ciononostante, il trio di colori verde, giallo e rosso porta allegria ed è comunque un modo di dare adito ai rasta che a livello sociale quel che fanno è notevole e di tutto rispetto. I windbreakers da un paio d’anni stanno spopolando come giacchette leggere, sebbene ora la giacchetta di denim stia ritornando pesantemente. Mi piace questa proposta forte della collezione Urban Classics. Il TB 247 è un modello di windbreaker colorato e allegro, da mettere per uscire con gli amici ed andare ad un concerto, ad un picnic, allo skatepark o da tenere in moto sotto la sella pronto all’uso, visto il poco spazio che occupa una volta piegato. Rifinito e foderato, ti darà modo di stingerlo in vita grazie al cordone elastico. Ci sono anche le zip nelle due tasche davanti: ora se perdi le chiavi è solo colpa tua, non puoi dire che ti son cadute. Contattate Boma Agency, se avete uno shop all’avanguardia ed attento al rapporto qualità prezzo. Rastaman vibration per tutti coloro che non ne hanno uno, invece…

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