“…And when I quest for the Buddy, I don’t fess/for my Jimmy wants nothing but the best (the best)” (Q-Tip)

There is a skit in Ol’Dirty Bastard first album where two girls talk about their views on this artist and you can tell that one of them is a bit high. She ends up the dialog where the two express their views on this one of a kind mc with: “You don’t see what I see, babe”. Even if I look at this Earth Woody t shirt by Jimmy’z I see some things that you don’t see. It was around 1988 that I was this huge Jimmy’z fan. At the time I was crazy about Christian Hosoi style and his ever present t-shirt with a huge Z and this woodie (that means “surf car” with wooden side panels). Names like Scott Oster, Dave Duncan but even all time greats like Tommy G, Natas and Dressen were all up in Jimmy’z ads, how could I resist? This brand was and still is defined by this three words motto “surf, skate, relate”. This was the foundation for an image that was deeply influenced by the freedom of surfing philosophy together with a sort of  street tough attitude. In my eyes there were only two brands that were cool with a capital c: Stussy and Jimmy’z. It has been with much pleasure that I got to see that Jimmy Ganzer himself brought it back. In an era where to come up with a new brand is way harder than it was before, there is nothing true like a brand with roots like the one that we are talking about. In an “all american” production from design to craftmanship, this is the type of brand that comes correct. A process where “step by step” seem to be the rule, this comeback may not be on an easy path, considering that all small surf companies don’t make it to the flagship stores owned by  big surf brands. I am backing up Jimmy’z and I’m really happy to see this seasoned veteran back on track. I will be digging in the secrets of one of their shorts sooner than you think. In the meantime Giulia C is making you want to skate with a surf style, isn’t it?

Avete presente il primo album di Ol’Dirty Bastard? C’e’ uno skit nel quale due tipe parlano ed una delle due se la sghignazza. Lei dice all’altra, parlando di questo singolare mc: “Tu non vedi quello che vedo io, baby”. E’ la stessa identica cosa che mi viene da dire guardando questa t shirt Earth Woody di Jimmy’z. Io ci vedo i miei 20 anni e gli idoli della mia gioventù che indossavano questo brand nelle pubblicità che, insieme a quelle di Stussy, erano le più cool su ogni numero di Thrasher magazine. “Surf, skate, relate” era il motto di Jimmy’z e non a caso quindi la loro immagine aveva delle radici surf ma rappresentava il bad boy con fascino urbano dell’epoca. Immaginate quindi come sono stato contento di sapere che questo brand dal classico gusto californiano è tornato in azione. Jimmy Ganzer stesso ha capito che il momento era quello ideale e si sta muovendo passo dopo passo per ridare al suo marchio lo splendore di una volta, malgrado i surf shop siano in via di estinzione, schiacciati dai grossi brand surf e dai loro negozi monomarca. Ogni aspetto della produzione è made in Usa, dal design alla manifattura, nota di merito senza dubbio in favore della qualità. La collezione è proprio interessante e molto presto vi svelerò anche i segreti di un loro short. Intanto la nostra Giulia C con questa t shirt è qui per invogliarvi a far skate con uno stile surf. Troppo vintage!

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