Anti Hero ● Eagle EMB beanie + Pigeon socks

It’s really this simple: the image of Anti Hero is all in these socks. Instead of portraying a cliche typical of a cool and easy marketable skateboarding, the crew behind this name opted for a genuine representation of their street activity. Which animals stays in the street annoying people just because of its existence? The pigeon. This SF based skate company has a reputation that precedes it for terrorizing spots, touring like there is no tomorrow and not giving a f___ about what you think.

I told you last time that we ventured in the sacred territory of Anti Hero: only for having Julien Stranger in the mix, you should worship this brand like no other. The raw aesthetic approach to design of this crew, its dedication and the quality of its hardware makes Anti Hero a true underground cult.

Julien Stranger is one of the first 5 top street skaters in the 80s but being humble and loving to stay off the spotlight, people usually think it’s all Mark & Natas & Tommy & Mike but real heads recognize that Julien is the man when it comes to fast and radical skateboarding overflowing with style.

This time it’s not his handwriting to be used to communicate (yes, he writes all the ads by hand) but rather the Fitz Quadrata Bold font by Ernst Friz, inspired by Raymond Petition original artwork on Black Flag logo.

Beside the Pigeon socks we can feast our eyes today with this Eagle EMB beanie, here worn by Talita L. Nothing is more official than the OG Anti Hero logo that makes fun of the all American symbol par excellence: the eagle.

Tell the establishment that they won’t get you: all you care about is skateboarding. Authentic skateboarding, that is.

Even RNG Distribution cares about skateboarding. That’s why the Italian distributor of Real, Krooked, Thunder and Spitfire beside this brand, will serve professionally any core shop that feels like carrying this brand.
Shop online for these items here: no, don’t shop online, ask RNG where the nearest shop on his program is and skate up to there!

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