Anti Hero Skateboards ● Eagle Hoodie

You know what? Anti Hero is so real that… it shouldn’t even end up here. It shouldn’t because it’s pure unadulterated skateboarding juice. But to be honest so much garbage is infiltrating skateboarding these days that even my blog (that is not “skate action” related) has the right to talk about it.

What may I say about this clique of skate warriors? Are you a newcomer that just peeped Vice episode of Epicly Later’d where Andy Roy gets the spotlight? Are you an OG whose name Julian Stranger rings bells since its SMA pro model days? To make a long story short the people behind this brand have an underground fame that resonates so strong that paradoxically… they would be legit in this industry even if they skated once per month. But the thing is that any member of the Anti Hero squad is hungry for insane terrain to shred on daily basis.

Once in my life I had the chance to have a little talk with the man himself, Julian Stranger. He was in Marseille for the Bowlders competition and I was surprised to see how nice and friendly he was, telling me and Enrico Rizzato that he just went to Italy in Bologna, for Slayer live show. Sorry but you did not succeed in your mission: that day you were a true hero to us.

Anti Hero comes from the easy concept that it’s a group of skaters and they want to represent the opposite of the rock star image that some pro skaters throw at you. These guys party hard and skate harder, annihilating anything that comes on their path.

Its Italian dealer RNG Distribution is really proud to have this brand in its roster. I just hope he finds my post about this Eagle Hoodie with these photos of Claudia S as real as the skate brand represented.

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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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