Arcade ● Foundation belt

It was about time that someone innovated the concept of belt and that’s when Arcade came into play. After the latest great innovation in street style that focused on socks, Arcade saw an opportunity: to develop belts with fashion and function in mind at the same time.

Belts in streetwear have always been there: from the b-boys in New York customizing buckles with their names but even before punks and metalheads with spiked belts rather than rockabillies with their country inspired big shiny oval buckles. Then it was the time of canvas web belts with logos engraved that you could get at every streetwear shop: a cheap and easy solution to hold up your pants but at a point even shoe laces got adopted by skaters for this function.

Then, when the retro touch of tees tucked into pants became en vogue, Arcade came to put some order in this mess with effective solutions. Give a look to the Foundation belt here in the hands of Michela P. It’s essential but its functionality truly makes the difference.

This item has an elastic webbing that adapts to your waist dynamically, a thing that other belts couldn’t do. Foundation belt is also lightweight: beside the weight of the webbing, the plastic based material used for the buck is tough but ultra light. But the real innovation is the thickness of the buckle: no one made them so thin before.

If all this is not enough to make you a believer, then check its roster of ambassadors where we find Street League wonderboy Tom Asta representing the brand.

Now that you know more about the progression of the belt developed by Arcade you only have to go to your shop and tell them to connect with Blue Distribution to deal with this brand. Do you love online shopping? Get a glimpse of Arcade collection on Blakshop website: your old belts don’t make sense anymore…
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