Arcade ● Rambler Black Smiley

If I stop for a minute to think about how many belts I wore through the years I get an instant headache. From brass buckles to spikes, to high fashion belts to cheap skate belts with the bottle opener. This is great because all of a sudden I realized how much this underestimated accessory is evolving. I am no “tucked in shirt” type of guy, so my belt never shows off too much but the truth is that such accessory is not to be taken lightly. It may happen when you least expect it for the most different reasons but when it’s time to show your belt you would better be ready.

Arcade couldn’t be more ready, with innovative solutions and even a brilliant graphic design, like the substance itself was not enough. This brand is specialized in belts and suspenders. No beanies. No backpacks. No hoodies. You know what happens in these situations? You keep on perfecting your craftsmanship, you get a sharper vision and come up with groundbreaking concepts.

It’s not the first time that such British brand ends up on The Maxiemillion. We started with a grey Foundation belt, followed next season by a beauty called Vision Belt Wood Camo so this season in order to have your attention I had to keep things in progression and here I am.

Rambler Black Smiley is a belt that you have to show off the most you can. Its colorway based on smileys couldn’t be more current, considering how much this iconic emoticon is back from the 80s like it never left. It may be a reflection of the tough times that we are living, where a smile may be an effective tool to make us feel better, but the hype around smiles is real.

Technically speaking this belt has a buckle made of engineered thermoplastic that lets you go freely through airport customs, light like balsa but strong like steel. It’s a very necessary step: now you have to pick yours among all the belts on Arcade section on Blakshop

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Photos courtesy of Ema Nema

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