Arcade ● Vision Belt Wood Camo

Not all of us have the right amount of sensibility to pick up a proper belt. We all have some but since it’s there, under the t-shirt, in a neglected spot, we tend to forget it but sooner or later it shows up. It is at this point that you may leave an impression on some people. I will never forget that girl that once said of a friend of mine: “he always has a good cologne and a nice belt”.

Arcade is the quintessential streetwear belt, conceived to look good but getting along with your performance at the same time. No matter if you jump over snow cliffs for fun or if you are the technical menace at your skatepark: you need to move in all freedom and often you can’t find a proper belt, representing your passions with style.

Vision Belt Wood camo makes good use of a custom camouflage design based on brown tones, pairing it with a wooden layer covering a plastic buckle. Not only this buckle is very thin but its engineered thermoplastic has the strength of metal and the lightness of balsa wood. Pass through metal detectors without taking it off: frequent flyers love this aspect. For what concerns its webbing this belt is manufactured using a natural wool thread. This makes it renewable, biodegradable and durable, beside being water resistant, quick-dry, stretchy and ultra lightweight. 

As I showed you already one year ago in my first post about Arcade, this brand is specialized in belts and belts only: no beanies, no backpacks and anything else. This makes it a “black belt” when it comes to its range but… there is way more than black when you pick up your colorway among the many styles available.

If I made you enough curious, all you have to do is browse Arcade section on Blakshop and a whole new world will open up before your eyes. Once you find your dream belt, instructions are quite simple: strap in, venture out!

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Photos courtesy of Ema / Nema

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