“As I look up at the sky/my mind starts trippin, a tear drops my eye” (Snoop Dogg)

What do you want to know? About the sneakers or about the pro skater that designed them? We all know by now that Supra is a much respectable company because of the right path they chose: innovative shapes, skate ready soles, pick of materials and colors and a team of skate killers repping the brand that really sets them apart from the rest. Chad Muska took the market by storm with this model by designing a really high top that has lines so innovative that you just fall in love with it. Yes, even here there is the infamous “stash pocket” that the world got used to when we talk about a Muska shoe. A hidden spot behind the tongue, makes it perfect to hide “that extra 100 dollar bill” (maybe not, you tell me). I have in my database infos about an afternoon where the Muska was at a friend crib in Santa Barbara and he kept smoking bowls while laughing and replying “Waddupp dawg?!” at his ever ringing cellphone. A friendly guy with two passions: skateboarding and music. Seems legit, isn’t it? Then you ask why some people hate on him? Simple: he’s not the average skateboarder. Even if he djayed for the likes of Duran Duran’s John Taylor and he dated Paris Hilton, why should you front on him? This guy had a record out that he produced called Muskabeats where he had Ice T repping on it. And you thought that you were a gangsta… Chad, a Ohio born skater, conquered Hollywood with his unique swagger and his skills on a deck don’t need anything to be added after his part in Fulfill the dream, when he was Shorty’s posterboy. Oh, yeah, during those days all of you had huge headphones on and rolled up pants, thinking that that was the secret behind those huge gaps and rails that he conquered. I know this for sure, don’t try to play me. So you had Es Muskas, Circa Muskas and you wanna front like you don’t care about these Skytops quilted on the side, courtesy of Pippo B from Manifattura Valcismon? I stopped believing in Santa Claus a long time ago…

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