As underground as the tube in the UK

J-Love, sun! The gangsta ass, dj ass n***a, sun. You know that n***a, sun.” This is how this NY milestone self proclaims himself. What would you do if you were at his place?! He remixed a few significant joints of the whole Wu Tang dynasty and he’s the dj on the deck when Ghostface Killah together with Theodore Unit reps the front mcing like no one else. Let alone J did an endless number of mixtapes and he got skills on the mic too. Whatcha know about it?! Bedroom producers need to chill like there’s EPMD in da area when J-Love is around. I had the pleasure to get this as a free cd when I bought in Manchester from his hands “Hidden darts vol 4”, the latest mixtape from the one and only Tony Starks aka Ghost Deini the great. What can you find on here? No overpriced hooks sung by the rnb star that is considered the flava of the month, but raw lyrics, ill hip hop golden era beats (I love to hear “Eye for an eye (your beef is mine)” from Mobb Deep as a beat for “Honor me” and “Mcs act like they don’t know” revitalized in a 2009 version with J droppin his knowledge over it). “Waiting for your love” features Alicia Keys in a duet that I wasn’t expecting and I’m glad I can be surprised sometimes. Of course Jadakiss is the talk of the town these days in NY and he couldn’t be the one missing in here. Listen to “Deadly kiss” to understand why the spotlight is on him nowadays. “Life’s like a dj game ” gives props to all those who paved the way for J and for his occupation. “Call of the wild” is a bit monotone after a while but to pack nine mc in a 7 minute long joint is no easy task. Big up to Tribe and Leaders of the New school “Scenario remix” for the beat that got used here. This is “Underground Emperor” and me as a model citizen I can’t do nothing but hail his majesty, J-Love. He showed some love back: that signature there is not printed, it’s exclusive.

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