Asfvlt Sneakers ● Area Evo

Sneaker evolution is something fantastic. I am not talking about brands and hype. I’m talking about shapes, materials, concepts. And again lacing systems, colorways, treads. When a combination of these elements strikes me it’s always a beautiful feeling and with this Asfvlt was exactly the case.


When the marketing department over at Interjeans showed me the styles of this French brand I had no doubt on the one that appealed me the most: Area Evo. I felt that this style represented the true meaning of “inspiration”. It has a couple of elements whose inspiration is evident but the final result is a unique sneaker, far from being a copy, that shows its defined urban character.


With the chunky sneakers trend that puts bulky shapes under the spotlight, this seem to fit the trend but the difference here is that you don’t have a jolie/laide style in the hands of Evelyn V but a sleek design that with its smart colorway is ready to get the thumb of approval of most of you.


Its neoprene upper is stitched to a suede toe while the mid foot has an elastic band that gives to this style more stability but it’s the lacing that stands out. Its elastic lacing with chromed tips has a metallic cursor (with a fresh branding) that puts them together so you don’t need a knot to lace them. In all honesty you don’t even need to lace your Area Evo: neoprene forms a sort of elastic shell where your feet can just slip in and you are ready to go.


Check how the laser cut thermo welded branding on the tongue is thin but well defined, popping out with the right color.


Its thick midsole is made of foam contributing to a lightweight sneaker while the outsole made of rubber has a pattern made of the As that represent Asfvlt logo.


This French brand is not here for the first time, so feel free to discover the other styles that I already posted here and you will agree: nothing is as fantastic as sneaker evolution.
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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