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Asfvlt Sneakers is looking with intensity at the next level. If your environment is Paris you have no other choice: worshipping what is new is mandatory in the City Of Light.

If you also consider that sneakers diffusion is gaining momentum more than ever, as a logic consequence if you have a brand from Paris that deals in lifestyle sneakers you has no choice: its range has to be groundbreaking and crisp.

With all Asfvlt styles, courtesy of Interjeans, that I posted already on The Maxiemillion, you know that this couldn’t be more true. From the lightweight Speed Socks to the recent chunky sneakers Switch and Area Evo, innovation is no stranger to this brand

Future is the name of this style that shares the same EVA midsole with the last two styles I mentioned. With a side panel made of suede with an embossed capital, this style has a clean design without many overlays.

The strategy of this style is to create a bulky silhouette that stands out but with a rather essential aesthetic, compared to what you can find in urban luxe boutiques these days.

Its structure is made of mesh, suede and neoprene with a sharp branding with a 3D rubber label on the tongue. This mix of materials give you a wrapping sensation and if you add the lightweight midsole this contributes to create a style that you can wear comfortably all day long. Its structure is solid but at the same time it is easy to break in and make it your own in a matter of hours.

This colorway should inspire you to create sharp matchings that give justice to such vivid color palette. Think about how these sneakers would look with an orange t-shirt, very simply.

From Paris to a BeStandard Shop near you, Asfvlt range can be seen and tried on in one of the many stores of this chain. If you prefer online shopping, no worries: the next level is just a couple of clicks far from you…
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Photos courtesy of Martina Oberti

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