Asfvlt Sneakers ● Onset Coffee

I am like a murderer: I always go back to the crime scene and I am guilty to like way too much Asfvlt Sneakers. I don’t know if it’s because this brand is French and has a bit of skateboarding culture in it or because it is progressive but affordable: I can totally relate to its philosophy.

Let me explain better: its main designer Cyrill Toures was knee deep into skate culture a couple of decades ago, skating and working at the n.1 French skate distributor. This means that all his heritage goes into his creations. Outcome: these shoes are fresh but have OG roots.

It’s the second time that I review the Onset. Basically because the appeal of a sneaker changes a lot from one colorway to another but there is another important reason: the way it feels on my feet. My walk is stable and it fits me like a glove so it’s a win / win situation both with style and comfort.

Its structure is solid and this is because of the multilayered structure where eco leather, suede and mesh create an ensemble that is destined to last long. the puffy tongue of these chunky sneakers is the place where you can find its wicked A branding. Smaller branding can be also found on side panels and heels.

Compared to the other Onset Black / Tan / Red that I reviewed a couple of months ago, this one has a slightly less colorful midsole. Called Coffee / Blue / Wine, this colorway is not so impactful yet it catches the eye because of its shade of Royal Blue.

Its tread reminds of a car tire and generates a surprise effect destined to spread a good vibe. Nothing can beat the coolness of natural rubber color, especially when it blends like this with all the rest of the upper.

I can feel it: I made you curious to test it and this makes my mission for Interjeans complete. Asfvlt is now on sale at every BeStandard location considering the period we are in so you can bring home a bargain on a cool pair of sneakers. Go at the nearest BeStandard location to try on these Onset. But if the nearest store is too far no problem: BeStandard website is open 24/7 (and awaits your choice…)

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