Asfvlt Sneakers ● Onset Military Orange

Are you someone that wastes huge amounts of money on sneakers? This blog is the wrong place for you: we at The Maxiemillion firmly believe that everything has a correct price and you can’t pay for a pair of kicks the money that makes you buy a bike. Call this a no nonsense blog if you like it, but we do not support mass delirium.

If you otherwise recognize good designs when you see them and firmly believe in your power to create a smashing outfit at a reasonable price, welcome to Asfvlt Sneakers. The brand based in Paris was already under my radar for a while and like this wasn’t enough I see its booth every time I pay my visit to Pitti Immagine. It is about time to update you with news concerning my favorite style, the Onset.

The sneakers that we first saw as Onset Red, than later on as Onset Coffee, are so versatile that they keep on surprising every time you see them in a new colorway. Not only: this style is such a success that it is also available in girl sizes, just like this Onset Military Orange.

Look how different these Asfvlt shoes look when their main material is leather instead of suede. Beside being easier to keep clean, leather makes this style more precious, I would dare to say classier.

The combination with mesh makes them breathable while its wavy midsole is made of phylon, with a molded arch support stabilizer, that will make your walk confortable.

Checking its details its trekking inspired laces are surely increasing their appeal but do not forget that these shoes add a couple of centimeters to your height, girl…

Like a savior here to change your approach to Winter, these Onset are the perfect complement to seasonal tones such as camouflage or olive green. In a few words these are chunky sneakers that any girl should have.

Are you ready to give a twist for better to your style? Onset is available online on Asfvlt website together with the rest of all the sneakers for boys and girls. The French touch awaits, don’t make it wait too long…

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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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