Asfvlt Sneakers ● Onset Red

I love when sneakers designers dare and today we are checking out a sneaker that may cause controversy but that’s what makes life beautiful, isn’t it?! Asfvlt Sneakers in my previous posts already gave us the picture of what this brand distributed by Interjeans is about: progression and next level at a reasonable price.

Now one thing is “to be inspired by” and another is “to copy”. Here nobody is copying: designers at this Parisian brand just go out of their house and they find themselves knee deep in this style war that goes down on daily basis. How can you not be inspired but what is worn by the people that you meet? It is called street style for this reason, isn’t it?

While you may think looking at this shots of Jessy C that these Onset are just a copy of those famous overpriced sneakers, let me tell you: you are far from the truth. Its midsole is the only feature that blinks an eye to that style but the silhouette is way thinner.

When it comes to chunky sneakers the keywords are “multilayered”, “mix of materials” and “chubby tech” and this case is not an exception. Onset is a mesh and suede combination that make these sneakers solid without compromising their level of comfort.

While it is its wavy midsole and its side panels to catch the eye, wearing them is very pleasant: they are stable and their molded insole kept my feet in place.

A friend yesterday said that they reminded him an old Rob Dyrdek pro model called Ten and I couldn’t do nothing but agree. Its slightly pointed silhouette is very similar to the Onset and considering that designer Cyrill Tourres has a strong skate background, there is this chance.

What to do next is quite simple: set yourself free from clichés, give the right value to your money and give a chance to Asfvlt. When it’s time to make an outfit stand out, you’d better take them by surprise.

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Photos courtesy of Ema / Nema foto

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