Asfvlt Sneakers ● Speed Socks Rocks Neo Triangle

I witnessed sneaker evolution in front of my eyes the other day. I was waiting for a friend in the center of my city and of course I scan everybody passing by. To my surprise I noticed that even “not so young” and “not so informal” people love to wear sneakers. The problem is that they just switched to sneakers world, they weren’t wearing them yesterday and the result is… mass confusion.

Fortunately I’m here, lighting a torch in the dark. We have Asfvlt Sneakers under the spotlight today and this makes me catch two birds with one stone: I may describe how groundbreaking is this Speed Socks Rocks Neo Triangle talking about the above sneaker situation.

You don’t walk and run with the same shoes: the technical styles for running and climbing do not look good in the city. There are lifestyle shoes that provide the same comfort with a more clean look.

Lifestyle footwear design seems to be focusing on lightweight shoes, made of new materials and extremely resistant tech fabrics. In our case Speed Socks are made of a comfortable one piece stretch mesh made of neoprene. This makes possible a superior fit, together with an extremely lightweight shoe, thanks to its EVA outsole.

If you aren’t feeling the neutral grey of this version in the hands of Marta P that I proposed for those rookies that don’t know how to match their kicks, there is this Cabernet/Ketchup colorway that I posted here not long ago.

Feel free to contact Interjeans to know more about this Parisian footwear brand (or… stay in the dark forever).

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