Asfvlt Sneakers ● Switch Blue Night Taffy

Independent sneakers, what a passion! I love to give voice to those footwear brands out there, in the shadow of giant corporations, that struggle to get a name for themselves because of the endless resources of their competitors.

That’s why once I tried and tested the level of quality of Asfvlt Sneakers, I became a believer. It is mainly because of its Paris origins that at first I became interested in this brand, but the more I wore its sneakers, the more I appreciate them.

Blame it on its current designs, on a correct quality / price rate and last but not least for the skate background of Asfvlt main designer Cyrill Tourres but I always keep an eye on this brand. Among my last selection of this brand, I made sure to include this Switch Blue Night Taffy.

Not new to The Maxiemillion, I posted last Winter a pair of Switch in another colorway and such difference among the two pairs reminds you once again that the colorway influences a good 50% (or more) when you buy a pair.

I wanted a pair of navy blue chunky sneakers, so that I can have shoes on my feet that would allow me to wear properly my headwear of the same tone. There is more: I also have other caps that match the khaki accents of this Switch, so this is a win win situation, regardless of how you look at it.

Multilayered but lightweight, thanks to the pairing of suede with breathable mesh, this style has the same midsole that we saw already on Future and on Area Evo. Made of EVA phylon, it provides a good cushioning without being too bouncy.

I find it very pleasant of the heel, because its neoprene collar keeps your ankles stable without giving them restrictions.

If looking original is one of your priorities, being the wolf that doesn’t lose sleep over sheep opinions, keep this sneakers style as an option and you won’t be sorry. Go to Asfvlt website and order a pair, to support with your purchase independent footwear brands!

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