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Asfvlt Sneakers is paying a close attention to attention to footwear evolution. I was at Pitti Immagine last week, as you may have seen, and the “reign of Italian elegance” spoke loud and clear: sneakers of all kinds get thrown in a large and larger melting pot. People from all different paths of life now want to look fresh and there is no way to do so without a pair of sneakers.

It was at Pitti that I saw the booth of Asfvlt where the whole range was exposed and I found it extremely on point. The brand includes in its proposal from slim silhouettes like Speed Socks to chunky sneakers like the Area Evo that we saw here not long ago.

The eye of the public is on chunky sneakers more than ever these days that’s why I picked another style that fits this trend called Switch.

Sharing the same outsole and midsole of the Area Evo, this style is more retro and less clean. This is overcharged, multilayered and made of a mix of materials.

On the Switch here in the hands of Evelyn V, there is a suede structure with mesh and synthetic leather inserts. Its thick EVA midsole makes it lightweight, beside adding that 90s aesthetic that is so influential these days. Its wavy design is what makes this style on point and you know that with such a lange proposal in stores nowadays, you can’t go wrong on any detail.

On subject of details the branding is quite discreet: a large woven label on the puffy tongue, a little plastic A close to the lacing and the name of the brand on the midsole, in the heel area.

Its textile collar makes it comfortable so forget those styles that look cool but hurt your feet, it’s not the case here.

The proposal of the Parisian brand distributed by Interjeans isn’t lacking in flavor and you should react accordingly: go to a BeStandard store and become one with sneaker evolution!
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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