Asfvlt Sneakers ● Yuma Caramel

The City of Lights has a charme of its own. Like it happens in the rest of the planet, Paris is always evolving so if a few decades ago you may have only heard about its high fashion maisons and its out of step car designs, you’d better be ready for more, because the pace of this changement isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Asfvlt Sneakers is a brand that made this modern era its own. Hailing from the French capital, the people behind the brand saw an opportunity to create a footwear brand, in these days where you are constantly asked to do more. More performance, more style, more lightness, more research in materials. All these targets together give you the picture of what Asfvlt stands for: a brand whose claim is simply “build your future”.

Yuma is the name of this model that is the result of the fusion of a Native American inspired aesthetic with an ultra light round outsole that creates a pleasant contact. The leather tab on the back and the hand stitched structure of the Yuma make it an outstanding chucka hightop. Its premium suede, together with red pigskin lining create a solid structure yet very smooth that lets you walk in full confort from the first time.

This style in Corinne C hands, here shown in its Caramel colorway is just one of the many available and they are all different from each other, just like your outfits. If your urban store needs a refresh, it should get in touch with Interjeans to make sure that the future does not come unexpectedly.

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