Asphalt Yacht Club x Public Enemy ● Fight the Power tee

Enter a three days special of back to back posts of Asphalt Yacht Club x Public Enemy tees. The timing of this collaboration is perfect considering that now like back then, powers to be continue to tell us lies, because hiding the truth they can play their game, not ours.

Asphalt Yacht Club is not here for the first time: it was summer 2014 when it first appeared on The Maxiemillion with Delta Force Raglan. The brand first made an impact with a stellar team composed by the likes of Nyah Huston, Ben Nordberg, Figgy and of course one of the founders: Stevie Williams. Then a few riders changed their sponsorship deals, the full print craze that this brand was partly based on slowly faded and you lost touch with AYC.

The brand is still there, doing nice things like Eazy-E photographic tee with his infamous Natas 101 skateboard by the iconic West Coast photographer Mike Miller. Blame it on the influence of vintage rock tees, blame it on how ridiculously current Public Enemy message still is, AYC delivered a capsule that gets all my love. I became a hip hop fan because Slayer were rocking Beastie Boys tees and Anthrax Scott “Not” was often seen with a Public Enemy tee, basically.

Check this Fight The Power tee that Klaudia P is wearing and the rest of Public Enemy capsule on Asphalt Yacht Club website and I will see you again tomorrow for the second part of this special. Expect tales of what hip hop was back then compared to now with the excuse of another ill Public Enemy tee.
Pictures courtesy of Artestudio BG.

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