Asphalt Yacht Club x Public Enemy ● L/S Target Tee

I’m a son of 90’s hip hop, so to say. During that era I layed the foundations of the knowledge that I carry happily on my shoulders. I did not download Public Enemy “Yo, bum rush the show” LP in 1987 but I copied it on a cassette tape from a vinyl owned by my friends in Bristol.

I was fascinated by the logo with the target that seemed to represent something extremely militant and coming from a hardcore punk background that seemed a legit way to let my music taste evolve without saying no to my past. The dress code was different and so were the dynamics but I felt I could relate to this New York collective known as Public Enemy.

The posse from Long Island had everything at its place: a grandmaster MC called Chuck D pointing out in a sharp way the weak spots of a racist America that is all about the almighty dollar, a funny element on stage such as Flavor Flav that was playing silly (but wasn’t stupid), the visual impact of Security of the First World and a DJ such as Terminator X. The message of each song was strong and the music was powerful thanks to the Rick Rubin supervision over Bomb Squad productions.

That’s why this supergroup is without a doubt an icon in hip hop. That’s why Asphalt Yacht Club had to recognize Public Enemy actual weight with the capsule that we started to see yesterday. Check this L/S Target tee here worn by Klaudia P on Asphalt website and check back tomorrow for the third tee of this special.
Pictures courtesy of Artestudio BG.

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