Asphalt Yacht Club ● Delta Force Raglan

You know when I first heard of Asphalt Yacht Club? It was almost one year ago when there was this demo in Berlin and Stevie Williams was there. I approached him and he has been super cool, telling me and my friends that he was psyched on the new venture that was about to start. Call it Asphalt Yacht club or simply AYC, the rookie player of the streetwear game got me stoked before I saw anything. With a backup team including Nyjah Huston, Riley Hawk, Jaws and Ben Nordberg among others, beside Stevie himself, surely you are up to a good start. Urban style overload talking your talk and walking your walk is what we are checking out today. Delta Force Raglan is the name of the piece that Nadia R is wearing. An item ready for revolution in these city streets, this raglan will disobey gravity laws and will give you extra pop on your skateboard. With a black/camouflage/red combination this item is as militant as C’n’N in their prime so you too, like they did during T.O.N.Y. days, can make plans over the conquer of your city. On or off board, AYC style is major: beside camouflage from tie dye to stars and stripes, you can find your niche in there. Fresco Distribution is supporting this brand by selecting the finer skateshops ready to recognize the street cred of such a brand. It’s up to you once again: get down with the style of this new movement or rock that ZZ Top t-shirt from 1985, but I know you’re gonna jump on this yacht real soon… Pictures courtesy of Simone Montanari.

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