Atipici x Denalab ● Advanced Cleaner

Atipici is a retail unit born from a hip hop duo. Its members wanted to expand the original concept of friendship, freedom and flyness that sparked their unit to a retail space and in 2003 the first Atipici store sees the light of the day.

I remember going to Palladium Disco a lot, back in the 90s, and I even saw them perform live there but I did not know them yet on a personal level. Meeting Rula and Sly 6 or 7 years ago made me realize that we were focused on the same things: the unwritten rules of real hip hop that made us the men that we are today. Respecting people and their differences, without forgetting to bring up our crews, with a deep knowledge of what we love as far as music and other art forms, made us talk freely like we have been friends forever.

That’s why even if we are not very close, geographically speaking, they keep me updated with the news of the Turin stores they run. Such stores, not only have had their limited edition Fila x Atipici Disruptor that is making a lot of noise but also another collaboration that is not to be taken lightly: Atipici x Denalab Advanced Cleaner.

Wrapped in a ziplock plastic bag you have a kit that includes a wooden brush, a cleaning lotion and a microfiber terry cloth. Beside the fact that I find stylish that this item is matching the color of the above mentioned Fila sneakers, it is highly reliable for its mission: avoid to get your sneakers fu__ed up!

You won’t believe how effective is this Denalab kit: just put a few drops on the brush (getting it wet with some water before), brush the dirt off with energy, clean with the cloth the exceeding foam and your sneakers are ready for a lot more mileage.

Are you far from Atipici like I am? Don’t you live in Turin? No big deal: this item is available online on Atipici website, so no matter where you are, you can keep your kicks clean…

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