“Ayo, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7/blaze the hot trizack that sounds like heaven/7,6,5,4,3,2,1, my man Meth Tical come and get some” (LL Cool J)

Let’s make a post out of the ordinary. Let’s call these pics above 1,2,3,4,5,6 and see what happens if we analyze these outfits from Sixpack one by one. Picture 1 – The Pastore tee may be on point, the khaki pant named Brume pant beige is a timeless item well crafted but it’s the Vercors cardigan that reigns over this ensemble. A classic item with a new designer twist. There is a million ways to wear this. Colourful tee shirt and ripped denims? Why not. A white shirt and blue pants? Go ahead. Picture 2 – You got the same pant in another colour, navy blue this time. What kills this ensemble is Jonathan Zawada tee “Say it with Pictures”. I remember him since that tee shirt “Bondage” came out. He may have been a designer for a Duran Duran cover for all I know. Tremendous. Picture 3 – That blue blazer is called Steed blazer navy and its polka dots interior is unmatched as far as fun and elegance go. Grateful tee is about a mix of a movie and a rock band. Not lacking in concepts, huh?! Picture 4 – Dope looking for sure, Chimida shirt is the aphex of cool, sorry for all the other shirts but there’s no way to beat that tartan with those black velour collar and elbow patches. Another winner in this collection. Picture 5 – That Steed trench beige is a cut above the rest. Imagine yourself entering a room and all of the sudden this group of friends that knows you well remains silent. This is one of the sideffects when you wear this: people stop talking. It’s the equivalent of a ninja star thrown at an enemy during a fight. An unexpected move. Picture 6 – Our ginger model dude sets the whole thing on fire with a steaming hot combo: Dead Hommes shirt and a basic grey crewneck. What’s the key point in this? A clean look with a Dead Hommes embroidery under the pocket. This is seriously good looking. Once again Sixpack put Europe on the map, showing the world what these Frenchies are capable of. Innovative tees designs? No problem. Cut and sew? Top of the line. Wanna try this Born again revisited collection on? Go ask to Blue distribution the list of authorized dealer over Italian turf and you too may attempt to look fresh as these guys are. Just don’t forget that most of the swagger comes from you, the clothes are only what you wear.

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