“Back when Gucci was the shit to rock/back when Slick Rick got the shit to pop/I’d do anything to say I got it/damn, them new loafers hurt my pocket” (Kanye West)

I took you around the world and back with this blog, my reader. You got to witness limited Aesop Rock kicks from that Upper Playground x Adidas collabo straight from SF, you saw the beginning of Lobster from Treviso before it became Lbstr, DQM caps from NYC, Silverstar limited tees from LA, custom crewneck (it’s called “jumper” there) from Dream Factory, Manchester UK, Sixpack collections from Avignone, France and I could go on and on. The basic principles of The Maxiemillion revolves around a simple theory: if it reaces my hands and it worths talking about it, I do it with pleasure. Much pleasure. It’s the passion that pushed me to give you 357 posts, including this one, givin’ you my point of view on what’s fresh and why it is like that. I’m sure you wanna know why I think that these Hey Dude shoes are something impressive. Simple: you never tried on your feet anything this light. Their communication clearly tells that these are the “best of both worlds”: the lightness of a sandal with the dapper of a shoe. Calling their thing “flex and fold technology” this company out of Tuscany, Italy, truly represents comfort. Take this Farty in black tartan color: here you have a mix among a slip-on, a loafer and a tech sandal, just taking the best part of each. The elastic inserts from a slip-on, the shape of a loafer and the sole of a tech sandal, to be exact. Farty gives you the feeling of being barefooted while you’re actually walking on a leather insole that is far from those composite and synthetic insoles that make your feet smell bad. In my vision it’s the perfect surfer shoe. This is even increased by the look of it: careless, frayed and with visible stitchings that look like handmade by a guy (shall I say “a dude”?) that loves his denims ripped and doesn’t follow trends because he’s too busy following waves. I’m psyched on this brand and you will be too this week: this is the first of three posts that will get you familiar with this new dimension on kicks called Hey dude shoes.

Non ci sono regole precise secondo le quali qualcosa finisce su questo blog: deve finire nelle mie mani  e deve valer la pena parlarne. Vi ho fatto fare il giro del mondo col mio blog o no?! Materiale ne è giunto da ogni dove ed è stata la passione sin dal giorno uno ad animare questa avventura chiamata The Maxiemillion. Oggi eccovi Hey Dude shoes. Brand fiorentino (ecco perchè hanno come simbolo il famoso “giglio”) innovativo, ha deciso che era il caso di proporre calzature semplici, divertenti e soprattutto leggere, tutto questo ad un prezzo ragionevole. Iniziamo a parlar di loro dalla Farty black tartan, calzatura che è un crossover tra la slip-on, il mocassino ed il sandalo tecnico. Look molto casual con bordi sfrangiati e finti rammendi fatti a mano, è la tipica scarpa da surfer che esprime la libertà trasmessa dalle onde del  mare piuttosto che l’ossessione di seguire i trend. Tutto questo con la letterale sensazione di avere i piedi nudi. Rimanete sintonizzati perché nel resto della settimana vi proporrò altri due post oltre a questo che trattano il fantastico mondo ultra light di Hey Dude shoes.

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