“Bad Boy thank you for this special delivery/catch me by the pool in my Tony Starks slippers” (Ghostface Killah)

What makes a good blog? Up to date stuff? Crazy stories? Fun? Good pictures? At The Maxiemillion, it’s a little home made mix of all of the above. I may have a good story with some fresh stuff, but maybe an average picture. In this case, the story is good, the pictures are excellents but the kicks are not so fresh. Not so fresh in this case means older than 6 months. But considering that even one of the most on point blogs around here published all the Vans Forty Four High packs but not this one, we may consider it an exclusive, do we?! Ever heard of Jimmy Chadwick? I won’t tell you how it happened, but this ex pro skater is now my homie. This human category get their way into the industry in a way or another, like a hustler does with ways to get money. After a short stop at Vans marketing dept, Jimmy ended up working as a sales rep in AZ for the same company. He’s happy as a kid, still skating and not caring. In his words, he would have said “same ole Jimmy”. Last May when I told him that I was so into my new Vans Forty Four Crooks and Castles, he kindly informed me that there were several colourways of these stunnin kicks. After a quick exchange of pics and a short wait, he declared that he had kicks ready to be shipped. But a busy life and a change of area because of his new job, kept things on hold up to two days ago. He delivered personally (who cares about a immigrant courier that barely speakes Italian, I had an American speaking homie to deliver…) these jewels. These are part of a marketing move known as East vs West (and Europe) series. In the West they had Crooks and Castles, in the East 5Boro. Here in Europe they had Fifty Fifty, the Bristol shop owned by Danny Wainwright and this other misterious German shop. You can read on the tongue: “Welten#1 skateboard schub” (World #1 skate shoe). I can’t give you no further info, but I can tell you that this pair of Vans are ready to shred or ready for you (read: me) when you’re preparing an outfit that leaves haters with no words left. Natural gum gives an unbeatable feeling and that velcro strap was meant to be there, even if if actually has no use at all beside fashion purposes. Jimmy, feel free to deliver anytime, I speak your lingo.

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