“Baila con migo que yo quiero bailar con tigo/baila con migo que yo quiero bailar con tigo” (Alliance Ethnik)

Now that’s a vision! May somebody finally come out with a concept? Yes he can. That somebody is called Contego eyewear and he has a story to tell. A story about style and philantrophy. Money is thrown on the table with no logic when it’s eyewear shopping time. We all agree that eyewear is an important part of our outfit, no doubt. It’s close to our eyes and it becomes part of our face, the focal point of communication and social relationship. Wear an overpriced designer pair of sunglasses and people will look at you with fear and respect. Wear a model of the four displayed in the Contego collection and you are helping people and you do it with the style that’s the newest of the new. Newborn from the same land that gave birth to such notables as Mos Def, O.D.B. and last but not least Biggie Smalls, this Brooklyn based company delivers nothing but the finest acetate frames in four models, three colours each. Say hi to The Morrison (named after Toni Morrison), The Kipling (Rudyard Kipling), The Hesse (Herman Hesse) and The Eliot (T.S. Eliot). All of them are nobel prizes and to use their names will work for Contego to build “the most outstanding work in an ideal direction” exactely as they did, to carve out a niche in the eyewear market. The mission here is quite ambitious: after each purchase of one of these frames, a pair of prescription glasses will be delivered to someone less fortunate, with the help of Restoring Vision. How can you say these guys aren’t comin clean?! Founders Aaron Hansen and Mikol Stambaugh assure us that they deliver us nothing but the goodies with these four designs. Distinct emphasis on innovative design and high quality are the words coming from their mouth when promoting this and spreading the word about their fine items. Handcrafted acetate frames in CR39 and Polarized lenses is what Contego delivers and their delivery is more special than G Dep’s. Who needs 24 different glasses design in a collection? What will a wooden frame bring as a novelty? When I read about what Contego is all about I was amazed. In a market flooded with people that claim they have new styles or they lead the pack, Contego is doing his own thing and in a full Cool J style he’s doin’ it well.

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