Barx Sox ● Banana Dawg

Polka dots have a special aura of coolness around them. Retro vibes do not miss when this pattern is involved. If once it was something related to standard fashion, streetwear flirted with it every now and then and this is another case. Barx Sox had a crazy vision that gave birth to these Banana Dawg socks but maybe I need to recap what happened before, I’m going too fast.

Take a little brand from Texas with a penchant for cute puppies and funny designs. Let its dream take shape in form of socks and socks only: no t-shirts, hats and fleeces here. Let me get in touch with Barx Sox through its Instagram profile and next thing you know I am already reviewing the third pair of socks by this brand. I started with Pardon my Frenchie, then it was the turn of Doppelganger and today we are checking these polka dots influenced socks banana flavored.

Peep how Teddy supermodel shows empathy to her owner because of the Banana Dawg socks she wears. We are talking about a solid jacquard craftsmanship here, not to be confused with cheap sublimated print socks. What is absolutely great about this style is that you can wear it with leather shoes, in a dressy outfit rather than in a streetwear mood and you would totally look amazing.

The same can be said about Barx Sox packaging. I am thinking about this as one of those cool gifts with a correct quality / price rate. I mean, who’s the owner of a little dog that wouldn’t be happy like a kid at Christmas receiving this pair packed in its mini box? Happiness is made of little things and this pair will surely gets you close to that state of mind.

Without Italian distributors, you have to order directly from Barx Sox website. No worries, its service is reliable: this pair can reach your mailbox just like it reached mine…
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