Barx Sox ● Doppelganger socks

“Get at me dawg” DMX was rapping back in 1998. Dawg quickly became synonymous with close friend in street slang. It all makes sense: isn’t a dog the man’s best friend? We are in 2019 now but nothing changed in that sense: dogs are part of out lives up to become actual family members and our friends from Texas Barx Sox (wordplay that stands for “barks socks”) knows this very well.

Our “Instagram friendship”, that I told you about on my last Barx Sox review not long ago, gave me the opportunity to test the quality of these socks but most of all the reactions I get when I wear them. These socks show a jacquard craftsmanship that has no weak sports, they can be worn both with sneakers or formal leather shoes being thinner than sport socks.

Called Doppelganger socks meaning “alter ego”, it’s a way to state that dogs are a sort of parallel about what we would love to be if we had 4 paws. A dog is always looking like the owner, they say, and this is the concept behind the name of this pair of socks.

I like this brand because it is based on a cohesive concept and by the number of socks in the range (7 different styles) it is even more nice: it may be run from a little office with no more than two people working on it. That’s why I am showing my support: I strongly encourage cool ideas rather than huge budgets, funny styles over uninspired items and here the inspiration is not lacking.

This all over pattern portraying a little dog has a captivating color palette that will get you the compliments of other people, no matter if they are your friends or not. Even our supermodel Teddy can’t resist to these socks as you can see. Two more things before I go: a) Barx Sox ships worldwide (I live in Italy) b) See you soon with a couple more socks that would make DMX proud…
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