Basedodici ● Cargo Expedition Front Pocket

I first saw Basedodici apparel two summers ago. I always went to BSMNT on any given Saturday back then and Basedodici marketing team, in a move that could not be more effective, thought to make some product placement on BSMNT DJs. Its captivating logo with a backward S got my attention and its name sounded just right, but I didn’t spent my time to get an insight.

Fast forward to 2021 and a couple of my friends that work as agents for this brand showed me the newest collection during the current selling campaign and I quickly became a believer.

Founded in 2017 in an area slightly south of Rimini, by a staff well familiar with streetwear production, Basedodici wants to put made in Italy on the map. We have been watching for too long whatever comes from outside our borders in admiration, thinking that Italy could be considered internationally only for what concerns high fashion.

It’s time to change the game, considering how global is streetwear industry these days and Basedodici has all it takes to become a main player of the urban apparel game.

Originally streetwear meant screenprinted tees and fleeces, then the whole thing evolved and now you have a few brands able to offer a complete range, even if they are independent. It is completely our case and in fact my first Basedodici post ever is about a pant.

With a design that couldn’t get any sharper, Cargo Expedition Front Pocket gives us a fresh take on how a contemporary cargo pant should be. No more pockets on the side that follow the line of the pant: your pockets become something that you want to show instead of hide. Its utility inspiration is strong, with a white screenprint that gets dyed with this gabardine cotton pant, becoming a black on black tonal decoration. With its custom built in belt, you can make the regular fit of the pant your own simply adjusting it.

The silhouette of your sneakers doesn’t matter much, considering that you have an adjustable cord to pull, in case you want your hem tighter or looser. Wake up from the American dream, now: this is reality and this made in Italy pants looks (real) good.

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