Basedodici ● Logo Zip Hoodie

What gets you hyped about an item? Is it its exposure on social media? The rich history of its brand? Or is it a special something that you don’t feel like defining? “We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of the dream” were the words of Willy Wonka and they fit to the fullest to this item by Basedodici that I’m reviewing today.

We started the approach to this Italian brand not long ago, when I first showed you Cargo Expedition Front Pocket, an item whose level of innovation is sharp and more than contemporary. Today our spotlight is on Logo Zip hoodie, here shown in its Powder Blue colorway.

Ideal item for the good weather, this brushed fleece hoodie is lightweight and versatile. It may became the substitute of your windbreaker or your denim jacket, with its essential design, destined to look good in any urban scenario, from the studio to the streets.

I would love to start from this feature: its Powder Blue tone. Being Pantone an exact science, the most sensible streetwear aficionados more than price tags love to show attention to correct matchings and this is a pale shade of blue that you don’t see around often. Think about all the possibilities that this hoodie offers when you see a pair of sneakers that has accents with the same color: it will show the accuracy that you have in mind when you put together an outfit.

Then there are other features that are quite subtle yet they make the difference. The zipper matching the branding is one of them too. How often we see plastic zippers, rather than raw metal ones with white contrasting fabric? It’s a matter of perceiving colors without even paying attention to them and here the black metal zipper keeps the level of innovation relevant. Same for the long cords of the hood with rubber tips, that contribute to the logic of a sharp and essential color palette.

Find your own reason to be impressed by this item because there is more than one, last but not least its 100% made in Italy craftsmanship. Take a minute or two to browse the whole Basedodici website and you will find all the hype you need plus some…

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