“I love girls, girls, girls, girls/girls all over the globe” (Jay Z)

I am always on the hunt for something nice to show you and that’s a fact. But sometimes I work hard so you can see here the next level before other blogs show you. While your homegirls waste time and money buying on sale at those chain stores that we all know, Batna is on a mission to save taste and creativity. The acronym of Better Alternative To Nude Attitude represents the new school of made in Italy. Inspired by futurism and gothic, the collective behind this brand together with textile designer Paolo Gambertoglio can conceptualize shows that are more like performances while their designs are more like art. Too smart to deal with boring boutiques and too fresh to be limited to the streetwear world, this brand hailing from Turin is ready to catch your attention if you feel unique, girl. Part of “The New Middle Age collection”, these All Over Print Leggings made of Lycra worn by Ale I are ready to meet your next black and white outfits, girl. But beware: mass production is very far from Batna state of mind. You can pre-order this piece following the crowd funding principle: put your order on Wowcracy website, wait until the item goes into production and then you will receive it at home. If your item doesn’t make the cut and never gets produced, you won’t get charged for it of course. It’s a new way to produce only what is needed and limit to the maximum any waste. I told you at the beginning that this was next level. What are you doing still nude? Get Batna!

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