“Since the Prehistoric ages and the days of ancient Greece/right down through the Middle Ages, planet Earth kept going through changes” (Zach De La Rocha)

The Middle Ages is quite fascinating for several factors: architecture, art, development of the social structure, war techniques. Batna felt the call of this age that revolved around the greatness of Europe and created The New Middle Age capsule collection influenced by this historical period. It is truly the definition of perfect timing, considering that new current styles lean towards gothic. The brand from Turin that I told you all about a couple of weeks ago is back here with a sublime piece. You bet I looked in amazement at this piece when I saw this painting with a religious subject close to mazes and other patterns but if you were expecting average stuff you are in the wrong place. Batna puts his efforts into their collection more like an artist rather than a brand. This Unisex Screen Printed t-shirt that Gil R is wearing is closer to a limited edition print: totally hand made from screen printing to the sewing, this piece puts a capital M to Made in Italy. With a large print on the front positioned on the lower 3/4 of the front only, it’s impossible to underestimate the potential impact of this t-shirt. Made of a light polyester fabric, this t-shirt is designed for both men and women. A deconstructed item without size, this is suitable for your best moments, regardless of your physical shape. Get Batna online through Wowcracy, the crowd-funding platform that allows you to get exclusive pieces from next level brands, limiting waste of production and money to the maximum. The Middle Ages may be fascinating but living in the modern era has its advantages.

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