Bear Swagger ● Black Emblem hoodie + Polar beanie

Bear Swagger came a little late this season but there is no way I can end up one without posting about it. The reasons for the late timing are several but as you can see… we made it!

It seems yesterday that I received the very first Bear Swagger snapback but that first contact took place actually 3 years ago. Time flies when you are having fun and this is definitely the case. Back then our Bear had some mirrored glasses but nowadays he is swagging in black ones. This is the only difference I can notice. See, a lot of brands adjust their flavor to what is the hype of the moment, some others change drastically but not this one. Bear Swagger is pure unadulterated streetwear flavor with one mission: to live forever.

No matter your field of action, the cool Bear that you see here on these items that Giulia Z is wearing represents “apparel for the unstoppable”. So if your attitude is simply to go all out on whatever your passion is, you found your niche. Black Emblem hoodie is ready to be part of any urban style that intrigues you these days. With its bold screenprint and its woven branding close to the hem you are ready to bring freshness wherever you go.

To top this outfit what could be better than a smooth ribbed Polar beanie? This headwear piece is also available in black, grey and army green and I’m pretty sure that for its price you may even think about getting more than one. Everything is online on the website, go check…

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