Bear Swagger ● Raglan sweatshirt + Grey beanie

Welcome to the forest. In such environment you gotta fight for your right to have a swagger bigger than the next animal. But as you know swagger get often bitten so when you go out, you’d better hide your influential persona with some big black sunglasses…

Bear Swagger, the UK brand that stays loyal to our internet friendship that sparked back in 2014, is here to give you more of that urban flavor that you look for. What city has more urban flavor than London, the place where the language that we talk all over the world originated? Here the (street) style wars are hard to win, considering that every time that you step outside your door there are all the races and the styles you may imagine plus some. This big bear doesn’t consider losing as an option.

A simple concept, polished for seasons only to get sharper with time: this cartoonish bear is cool and funny and so are we, let’s create some apparel to make an impact on the streetwear scene. Staying true to the original formula, Bear Swagger represents loud and clear what it’s meant to be: a basic clothing collection with a strong appeal (at an affordable price, that doesn’t hurt).

Here Chiara C is wearing a Grey beanie together with a crewneck called simply Raglan sweatshirt. Check closely the curved line of the raglan sleeve, much better than a straight one. To better understand how this item is custom cut you can also check its round stitching on the back.

Don’t let anybody steal your swagger, big bear: defend it with your claws!
Photos courtesy of Valerio Papetti

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