Bear Swagger – Black Emblem hoodie

I am in love with Great Britain way before you discovered that Banksy was from Bristol. Oh, the originators of English language. I get along pretty good with Englishmen, especially with Tommy from Bear Swagger. He is just a guy hopelessly in love with streetwear, chasing his dream, exactly like me. The difference is that my duty is to inform you on streetwear while he is the CEO of a super mini brand that has the power to turn you into an individual, avoiding the clone effect. The item that we are looking at today is a raglan cut piece with an embroidered logo that brings out a funny vibe on a black hoodie. A nice contrast that will look sick in any multi layered outfit that you will put together, with that bear that may peek out at any movement of yours. The cut of this Black Emblem hoodie is current and its separate side pockets give it a fresh flavor, compared to the usual kangaroo pocket. See? Do you start to get the picture? The little things are what make this item special. Peep closely and you will see that the cord is actually a fat lace. If our friend Laura O wouldn’t have covered them with her hair you would even see how big are the rivets on the hoodie. What you may see is the label on the hem that will be visible if, in that multi layered style that I mentioned before, you wear this hoodie with your denim vest. Don’t believe all the BS you hear: Bear Swagger is here!

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