Bear Swagger – Raglan Emblem crewneck

The other day Tommy Archer, CEO and founder of Don’t Believe the Bear Swagger (or more simply Bear Swagger), was speaking his mind about he path that took him where he is now. Allow me to quote what he said in order to give you the picture of his vision: “I am a creative, so that’s what I set out to do, create things. An idea turned into a logo, which turned into a name, then a brand, then a job, then a living, and finally a future”. This is why I back up Tommy philosophy: individuals with motivation can work harder than your designer at a corporate brand that at the end of the day is just a disposable employee. Me and this brand go back to a contact on Instagram on 2014 that turned into mutual appreciation, then choice of items, then a package hits my headquarters and eventually a post is under your eyes to see. I received 4 packages already and the latter represents this evolution. Raglan Emblem crewneck is simple but loud, dark but funny and our friend Claudia P seems to enjoy its flavor to the fullest in these pictures. The cotton polyester blend that this raglan crewneck is made of will keep you warm and protected in those summer nights that seem to never end. The icing on the cake is that Bear Swagger woven label stitched on the hem that stands out on its black background to tell everybody about your mood. You can wear it with pretty much everything your soul desires: just be creative like Tommy wants you to. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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