Bear Swagger – White Fade t-shirt

I think that through my reviews you had the chance to know Bear Swagger quite accurately. We spent a few seasons together considering that my first Bear Swagger review goes back to May 2014. What I saw develop under my eyes is the evolution of this brand that started as “the new venture” of CEO and owner Tommy Archer, a brilliant graphic designer that wanted to conquer an independent life in a classic rags to riches tale. I don’t know if he is rich yet but I do know that his clothing collection deserves our attention. The concept of Bear Swagger revolves around this cool bear with shades that you can find on fleeces, caps and tees. This time under my lens came this White Fade tee that Linda C is wearing. The design of this piece is the result of smart inspiration from current styles. The fading effect is neat and the coolness of our bear with shades is ready to reign all over summer. The smooth cotton together with the wide open small collar make this a premium t-shirt. Another aspect of Bear Swagger that you should not underestimate is its limited circulation. Being a relatively small brand from the UK it’s hard to find it elsewhere. Thanks God for the Internet because like this t-shirt made it to my headquarters in Italy it could reach your door too. You know what to do now, right? Check Bear Swagger website and try to borrow some of its coolness through its apparel collection. Don’t get faded before you get your paws on this t-shirt! You promise? Pictures courtesy of O’Graph

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