“Beat a police out of shape/and when I’m finished, bring the yellow tape/to tape off the scene of the slaughter/still gettin swoll off bread and water” (Ice Cube)

There is no way that I’m gonna tell you that I’m an art expert, but I’ve understood at least one thing: art doesn’t need many explainations, it’s exactely what you feel it is. Take this tee shirt on the supercute Gisella R for example. Salva LA scena (Save the scene) was probably born with something in mind but it can work for whatever your soul feels. Take as an example a rich guy that paid mad cheddar to get the membership of his golf club. Once he got it, he noticed that more and more wannabe rich players joined. This means loud people on the course, not using golf etiquette but just goofin’ around. There is nothing that this man can do but wear a Salva LA scena t-shirt in order to make his need for class to be heard. Or on the other end a punk/electro/hip hop (choose one) fan that is complainin that too many people are now faking the funk on what is supposed to be done on the moshpit/dancefoor/cypha and he’s just worried that “it’s not like it used to be” and “too many wrong people” are now part of their musical movement. There are no other solutions but to wear a Salva LA scena t-shirt to make real people realize what’s currently going down. In the case of a director of a porn movie, this t-shirt works like those blue pills when the male pornstar seems to have erectile dysfunction. Maybe he was tired, maybe he got distracted by too many people in the room, there is only one thing that his director wants from him and his tee shirt says it loud and clear: Salva LA scena. From the creative mind of Gabri Fumagalli also known as Gabriell comes this brilliant tee shirt that is not part of any collection nor has any goals beside to make you smile (and to save the scene on occasion). The mastermind of all graphic designs behind the superlative Sabotage club conspiracy took some time off his design duties and came out with this tee shirt that pretty much speaks for itself. Looking like a knockoff of those vintage early Los Angeles Dodgers tee shirt, this is a seasonal must, I’m tellin’ you. Don’t act like you don’t know: this tee shirt will save your style (or your scene, according to what needs to be saved first).

Non sono un esperto d’arte ma una cosa l’ho capita: l’arte non ha bisogno di tante spiegazioni, è esattamente quello che tu senti che sia. Guarda ad esempio questa tee shirt sulla nostra carinissima Gisella R. Salva LA scena può volere dire tutto e niente. Un signore al golf club nota che troppi neo iscritti sono privi di classe? Deve mettersi una tee shirt Salva LA scena. Il mondo punk/electro/hip hop (scegline uno) dà segni di cedimento e la qual cosa ti fa mancare la terra sotto i piedi? Ora puoi mostrare il tuo disappunto indossando una tee shirt Salva LA scena. Fai il regista di film porno e il tuo attore a metà performance accusa problemi di erezione? Quello che tu chiedi a lui è scritto sulla tua tee shirt: Salva LA scena. Dal geniale Gabri Fumagalli detto anche Gabriell, già graphic designer extraordinaire di tutta la comunicazione di Sabotage club, arriva questo colpo da maestro all’establishment dello street fashion che ormai ha sempre meno da dire. La sua tee shirt è disponibile tramite la pagina Facebook Salva LA scena. Contattalo assolutamente per questo must di stagione che salverà il tuo stile (o LA tua scena, a seconda dei bisogni).

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