“Behold the bold soldier, control the globe slowly/proceeds to blow swingin swords like Shinobi” (Inspectah Deck)

I may have called this post “Street dreams are made of this” for all I know, for more than a reasons. First is that these after-surf kicks are not out yet, because they are part of next spring summer 2012. Second is that I can only dream now of warm weather and white sand beaches. Surf and relax. Akuna matata style. Hang loose, my friend. Gone are the days of “chubby tech” sneakers filling the collections of Globe. The Australian company is now letting us taste the future. Simple, flawless shoes where you can slip your feet in during “no socks” summer days are what we have here. Fringed top is what makes this look out of step with the world, like Minor Threat were still around. This washed canvas gives that vintage look that slowly passed from your denim to your sneakers here and there in the last 12 months. Really basic and light, this is a sleek shoe with a very flat sole that suggests us that this is not a performance sneaker but more what you want to have on your feet during hot and fun summer days, in a carefree situation where you just move from a party on the beach to a surf house of some friends of yours. A month and a half ago Globe put out a video called “Year zero” that features state of the art photography over some top of the pops surf action. Not that Globe is a surf company only, let it be known loud and clear. Their skate team kills and grandmaster Luan Oliveira together with David Gonzales are outstanding skateboarders that are really aware of the meaning of style. This means clean and powerful tricks, modern skate moves executed with no hesitation with a solid ratio of tries/landed tricks. Read: “skate machines”. Perfetto! SRD is in charge of their distribution in the good ole Italian boot so if you fell in love and can’t wait to chill in these Flat Charlies, this is the contact that you should point out to your local street gear dealer. Go look on the web for some surf houses for next summer, by the way. It’s not only a matter of looks anymore, I thought you knew. These pics look great by the way. You guessed it: it’s Roberta Ungaro photography that strikes again with the help of cutie Mara. Women love The Maxiemillion exactely like Ladies Love Cool J.

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