BeHood Clothing – Crewneck grigia

BeHood clothing is not here to impress you or to move huge amounts of crewnecks and t-shirts but it has an element that a lot of other brands don’t have: authentic passion. That’s why this brand is doing his thing, drawing attention from fans all over the world that can relate to its values of fun, brotherhood and style. Fun because this brand is one of the several projects of designer and CEO Mattia “Bera” Bericchia that puts no pressure into this brand, but just the involvement in creating new graphics and actually like them, regardless of what’s “in demand” on the streetwear market. Brotherhood because the whole project is born out of his friendship with Magni Def Magnitudo and even pictures for catalogs are shoot with friends and not with “real models”. Style means a lot to Behood. This brand has an infinite list of influences: from raw snowboarding to California Palm trees, from hip hop bling bling attitude to clean modern streetwear, from beers at the bar with friends to cigarettes outside that same bar to chat with the same friends. This may be summed with: keeping it simple (but doing it good). This Crewneck grigia that Francesca C is wearing looks good in the snow, natural element of this brand. Warm and cozy, it’s the piece that you will find yourself wearing all the time. If you feel like browsing BeHood website you will find tons of updates on their little big world and a shop section where you can get this piece. Feel free to love all the above and rock BeHood, dude.

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